About Our Team

We are a young, driven and ambitious team of diamond experts. We specialize in supplying stores with memo and stock needs, as well as assisting with the diamond strategy behind your sale. Our culture breeds synergy and provides an environment where we can help propel the diamond industry forward.

A Retailer’s Most Brilliant Resource

Through trust, friendship and collaboration we are here to help provide
our clients with natural diamonds that reflect your store’s values. The
diamond industry is changing and we are establishing new and
innovative ideas to help your store evolve and adapt. Let our team
become your best asset by simplifying your diamond sourcing process.
We will send you the right diamond at the right price to close your sale.

Exceeding Expectations

At XL Diamonds, we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate
varying diamond supply requests. Our team will go go great lengths to
help you fill your store and client needs. Our diamonds aren’t just a
list of stock numbers—our diamonds matter to us. Let us help you
grow your business today! Get the stock you need when you need it.